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I am very glad that you enter the store of our factory, I believe that you are now comparing the supply, we have enough confidence to let you stop the comparison, Choose our supply Tips: This shoe is recommended for the standard yard size or overweight.
[About color difference] Due to the difference between the display of the personal display, the difference between the picture and the actual object may have a slight color difference.
[About the smell] The shoes that have just been shipped will have some glue smell, irrespective of the quality, and the smell of the glue will be dissipated when placed in the ventilation.
[About after-sales] If you have any problems with the sale of shoes, please feel free to contact our customer service to explain the situation, we are responsible for handling.
[About quality] Broken bottom, degumming, breakage, serious stains We are responsible for handling small thread heads, small stains, micro color difference, micro glue smell are not quality problems
[design concept] wild daily outdoor sports, free loose, casual fashion .
[About the product] Explosion models, our shop can adjust the goods, can provide pictures with reference to the ex-factory price direct supply
[About Gifts] There is a need to give gifts in the shop search for gifts or socks gifts "socks increase insoles 2-6cm sachet insoles Waiting for the gift, you need to place an order with the order
[About the main push customer] To choose the style of the main push or report activity, you can contact us to say that you have the amount of us , the payment method supports, OLX Standard.
2, delivery time The payment will be normal on the same day before 5:00 pm on the same day. After 5:00, the payment will be issued as soon as possible. If it does not appear on the next day, it will be sent on time.
3. When you send the address, please check the address information. Clear, if the buyer's address is wrong, this shoe line is not responsible
for the express: Each pair of shoes is subject to strict quality control, strict quality inspection can be released from the warehouse, the shop is factory direct sales, one-on-one service, guarantee one-on-one, one-one shop price, direct sales one by one Quality, guarantee, ambiguity, high value, no regrets, only demand for sales, no profit.
We have always believed that quality is the life of the company, and strive to perfect every detail!Can rest assured.Shop from T-Phil Glamour stores on OLX and enjoy a wide range of quality shoes at affordable prices and long lasting.

Price and Specs: Breathable Fashion Students Running Sneakers- Red/Multi

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