Flawless Collagen Skin Egg Yolk Whitening Soap-Price in Nigeria

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Price: 1000.00

Flawless Skin Egg Yolk Collagen Whitening And Wrinkle Removal soap is a skin whitening soap that removes any body pigmentation, it works effectively in the epidermal layer of your skin, and into the pores of the skin to helps the growth of new skin that has a tensile / elasticity of the skin better than ever. it removes any signs of wrinkles and aging on the face and body,
it also lightens the skin very well to give you a baby tender looking glowing skin.
the unique thing about this soap is that it contains vitamin C, vitamin E and collagen to firm, moisturize, brighten, making skin / body more chewy!

Price and Specs: Flawless Collagen Skin Egg Yolk Whitening Soap

Total Views:1749
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